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The popularity of consumer UAVs has brought potential security challenges to sensitive areas such as airports, nuclear power plants and government confidential departments. Traditional physical and manual operations have been difficult to cope with airspace protection. In view of this, DJI  innovatively launched the Yunshao UAV monitoring and detection system, which can identify and detect mainstream UAVs at home and abroad by detecting and analyzing RF signals, and provide security for airspace.
Introduction to Yunshao System
The cloud whistle interceptor is used to detect UAVs in flight in the wireless monitoring area. It can receive UAV broadcast signals of different systems and send the data to the remote background server through wired Ethernet or 2G/3G/4G wireless network card. According to the wireless environment and coverage requirements of the required deployment area, it can be flexibly selected from a variety of receiver and antenna configurations. The equipment provides complete OAM, BIST and spectrum detection functions. The OAM function provides the remote operation, maintenance and management capabilities of the equipment. The BIST function provides the remote inspection and inspection capabilities of the equipment operation status, and the spectrum detection function provides the equipment coverage performance evaluation capabilities. The built-in GPS module can accurately position itself. The equipment is designed according to the operation requirements of * outdoor deployment environment to ensure reliable operation of the equipment *.
Scope of application
1. Security application;
2. Mines, natural gas companies, oil fields, coal mines, headquarters, super high-rise buildings, infrastructure construction, automobile gas stations, oil depots, natural gas stations, airports, nuclear power plants, important facilities, institutions and departments;
3. Public places and large-scale activities, sports events or important meetings;
4. Schools, examination halls, libraries, theaters, cinemas, and churches;
5. Personal privacy protection.
Technical parameters of Yunshao AEROSCOPE
The application of UAV includes navigation disturbance, air attack, false entry and smuggling, so the supervision scheme of UAV comes into being. At present, the UAV monitoring technologies on the market are as follows: - radar - photoelectric - radio detection - interceptor UAV supervision scheme. Our goal is to provide a controllable accountability mechanism to ensure the safe use of UAVs without additional impact on users
DJ recently introduced a new technology to identify UAVs flying in the air. This technology is called AeroScope, which can broadcast information such as serial number and altitude to help monitor the whereabouts of a single airborne UAV.
AeroScope uses the existing communication link between the remote controller and the UAV to pull basic telemetry data, which means that the UAV can know the position, height, speed and direction, as well as its serial number or registration number (such as the license plate of the UAV).
The police, security agencies and aviation authorities equipped with special AeroScope receivers can use this information to locate drones and maintain public safety. This technology has been implemented in two international airports since April, and Dajiang also demonstrated this technology in Brussels last week.
The reputable Dajiang has always been very active in UAV safety. In 2016, it launched a geographic fence system to prevent its aircraft from entering the limited airspace. Last year, it released software to limit the range of unregistered UAVs.
AeroScope will work with all current Dajiang UAVs because it uses existing communication links, so no new hardware or modifications are required
The existing UAV radio broadcast is used to send the ID of the UAV and the information to be monitored. The information is obtained by the receiver of the interceptor system, parsed, and transmitted to the monitoring center through the network.
Public Cloud and Private Cloud Deployment Scheme
• The server of the listener is deployed in the cloud (public cloud or private cloud) The management terminals and listeners of the two methods are connected through the Internet.
• Public cloud is a shared deployment mode, allowing each user to have an account for management;
• Private cloud is a specific deployment scheme, but it will incur additional costs and maintenance costs in deployment.
Local deployment scheme linked through Ethernet
• All equipment shall be connected to the LAN through Ethernet • The listener server shall be deployed within the user's own LAN.
Local deployment scheme linked through wireless network
• If the installation site of the device does not have the access function of the network cable, we will link the device to the server through the 3G/4G wireless network. • The server of the listener must be set in the user's LAN, and the user's LAN must be connected to the Internet.
Installation steps - address selection
1. Find a suitable place for installation, ① for example: the roof, or the open area without obstacles around. ② The basic principle is to use circular area coverage to deploy equipment; 2. Make sure that the selected installation location has power supply. 3. If the installation location does not have an Ethernet interface, make sure that the customer can use the wireless network 3G/4G for data transmission. 4. Check the interference level of the selected location; 5. Configure the antenna and hardware based on the interference condition and detection direction of the limited position; 6. Use a tripod and battery to simply deploy a device for testing; 7. Start formal installation.



消费级无人机的普及对机场、核电站、政府机要部门等敏感区域带来潜在安防挑战,传统的物理与人工作业已难以应对空域防护。针对此,DJI 大疆创新推出云哨无人机监侦系统,通过侦测和分析射频信号,可对国内外主流无人机进行识别侦测,为空域安全提供保障。


云哨侦听机用于侦测无线监测区域内飞行中的无人机。它可接收不同制式的无人机广播信号,并将数据通过有线以太网或 2G/3G/4G 无线网卡发送给远程后台服务器。根据所需部署区域的无线环境和覆盖要求,可以从多种接收机和天线配置方式中灵活选择。设备提供完备的 OAM、BIST 及频谱检测功能,OAM 功能提供设备远程操作维护与管理能力,通过 BIST 功能提供设备运行状态远程检查检验能力,通过频谱检测功能提供设备覆盖性能评估能力。设备内置 GPS 模块可对自身位置进行准确定位。设备根据*户外部署环境运行要求设计,保证设备*可靠运行。








无人机应用中有扰航、空袭、误闯、走私,因此无人机的监管方案也就应运而生,目前市面上的无人机监测技术有以下几种:- 雷达 - 光电 - 无线电侦测 - 侦听机无人机监管方案。我们的目标是提供一个可以管控的问责机制用以保证无人机的安全使用,并且对用户来说不会产生额外的影响.








• 侦听机的服务器部署在云端(公有云or 私有云). 两种方式 的管理终端和侦听机设备都通过互联网连接。
• 公有云是共享的部署方式,允许每一个用户都有一个账 号进行管理;
• 私有云是一种特定的部署方案,但在部署上会产生额外 的费用以及维护费。

• 所有的设备通过以太网再接入局域网 • 侦听机服务器应部署在用户自己的额局域网 以内。

• 如果设备的安装地点不具备网线的接入功能,我们会通 过3G/4G的无线网络将设备链接入服务器。 • 侦听机的服务器必须设置在用户的局域网内,并且用户 的局域网必须要连接互联网。

1. 找到合适的地点进行安装, ① 例如:屋顶,或者周围没有阻碍物的空旷地带。 ② 基本的原理就是用圆形区域覆盖的方式来做设备的部署方案; 2. 确定选取的安装位置有电源 3. 如果安装地点没有以太网的接口,请确定客户能够使用无线网络3G/4G进行数据传输 4. 检查选定位置的干扰等级; 5. 基于限定位置的干扰情况和探测方向,来配置天线及硬件; 6. 用三脚架及电池简单的部署一个设备进行测试; 7. 开始正式安装。


















































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65SV2SD 70SV2SD斗齿 65SV2AG 6839L-70SV2 
6839R-70SV2 /85SV2RXL 特雷克斯 RH400铲斗 75SV2RXX斗齿 日立TEREX-VOLVOHITACHI-V81,V79,V71,V69,V61,V59,V51,V43,V39,V29Vulnerable parts of bucket teeth of excavator

斗齿 斗齿生产厂家 挖掘机斗齿 二手挖掘机转让 合金斗齿 岩石齿 开山齿 挖煤齿 破冰齿 牙根-定做挖机挖斗30公分-10方挖斗 5吨-10吨挖斗 挖掘机挖斗订做定制,供应20-200  型破碎锤,四轮一带配件

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